Professional Services

Professional Services

In addition to the actual surface treatment work, we also perform industry consulting and inspection activities. Our experienced experts are able to help e.g. in the services below;

  • Outsourcing of surface treatment
    • With the outsourcing of surface treatment operations, the company can focus on its own core competencies and transfer overall responsibility for surface treatments to the painting operator. Carelia Corro has a unique concept for outsourcing management that guarantees functional and reliable services.
  • Painting system development and testing assistance
    • Carelia Corro's staff has extensive experience in developing surface treatment systems and exploring new alternatives. We are able to organize painting tests in accordance with the standards and their reporting. As an example, salt spray testing of test plate sets for desired corrosion classes.
  • Development of paintshop processes
    • Carelia Corro is constantly developing the surface treatment plants it operates, thus seeking productivity in surface treatment processes. We use the most advanced IoT systems in the surface treatment industry, such as the Digital Twin system in the paint shop. However, the cornerstone of the development of painting processes is the long experience and know-how of the company's staff.
  • Paintshop ramp-up
    • If necessary, Carelia Corro will be able to provide ramp-up services for the new surface treatment plant as a consulting and surface treatment operator. Our staff has experience in ramping up dozens of surface treatment lines. The controlled ramp-up of the new line will save tens of thousands of euros and speed up the start of quality operations in months.
  • Paintshop auditing
    • Carelia Corro's services also include assessments of the performance and quality productivity of surface treatment plants, as well as audits of subcontractors. In addition, we are able to consult in the management and documentation of the legal requirements of the paint shop environment, as well as in expert opinions.
  • Inspections related to surface treatment and Frosio-audits
    • Carelia Corro employs several people who have been trained as surface treatment inspectors, as well as Frosio inspectors, who are also able to perform demanding inspection assignments.

Our core competence is the management of the outsourcing process for surface treatment plants. If you have ideas for outsourcing your own surface treatment, please get in touch. We have a smooth process for that, which is free for you to review.


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